Natural landmark

Experience the Rhine Gorge

Experience the most versatile natural spectacle in the Alps – on foot, with a bike or on water. In addition, the forests, lakes and villages around the Rhine Gorge offer near natural experiences for both young and old / for all ages.

The natural landmark Rhine Gorge is also known as Ruinaulta in Romansh. The diverse and captivating landscape leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. Between Ilanz and Reichenau, the Rhine twists along its initial streambed for 14 kilometers, past 350-meter-high white steep faces. Not for no reason the Rhine Gorge is also called the Swiss Grand Canyon. The feral and untouched gorge with its open gravel banks provides a habitat for rare bird species and the widespread woodlands are famous for their variety of orchids.

Observation decks

The Rhine Gorge from above

Above the Rhine Gorge, seven observation decks sit enthroned. Enjoy the staggering view over the Rhine Gorge. The most spectacular observation deck is the common swift «Il Spir», an almost levitating structural steelwork with a unique look into the depths.
Combined ticket

Ruinaulta Ticket

With the Ruinaulta Ticket, you do not need to worry about a public transport ticket. You are allowed to use all means of transport (PostBus, Rhaetian Railway and Ruinaulta Bus) between Ilanz and Tamins/Reichenau with this combined ticket.
On the road

Road and rail

Heavy legs? Just hop on the Rhaetian Railway and experience an adventurous ride in one of the open dome cars. This special train operates on Saturday and Sunday between Ilanz and Landquart. Alternatively, just go onboard of the Ruinaulta Bus. The convertible PostBus runs between Laax and the valley of Safien (reservation required).



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