A unique and diverse landscape

The Rhine Gorge natural landmark stands out with its manifold and impressive landscape. Between Ilanz and Reichenau, the Rhine twines along its original riverbed for 14 kilometers, past 350-meter-high white steep faces. It is not for nothing that the Rhine Gorge is also called the «Swiss Grand Canyon».

Evolution of the Rhine Gorge

The story of the Rhine Gorge began with the massive landslide around 9500 years ago.
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Thanks to the Flims rockslide, diverse habitats with rich biodiversity have been created in the Ruinaulta.

Steinbock Meienberg (37)(1)

Natural preserve Beverin

Four valleys, two cultures, one wildlife park - known for its canyons, sound villages, crystal-clear mountain lakes and kingly ibexes.

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UNESCO World Heritage Tectonic Arena Sardona

There is hardly any other place where the imprints of the formation of mountains are as clearly apparent as in the Tectonic Arena Sardona above Flims.



Einen Einblick über das Tun und Wirken von Terraviva vermitteln Ihnen die aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekte.