Highlights of the Rhine Gorge

The Rhine Gorge between Reichenau and Ilanz is one of the peerless natural landscapes in Grisons. The bland climate not only spawns a wide variety of flora and fauna. It also ensures that the gorge is clear of snow early in the year and given that, can be explored. The so-called “Swiss Grand Canyon” offers almost endless opportunities for outdoor fun. Which highlights should be definitely on your bucket list? Find out here.



Einen Einblick über das Tun und Wirken von Terraviva vermitteln Ihnen die aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekte.

Bucket list Ruinaulta

To allow that your Rhine Gorge trip will be memorable, we have put together the best experiences for you.

A day in the Rhine Gorge

We have designed a variety of programs for your day in the Rhine Gorge. Therefore, you can conveniently plan your very own trip.

From here to there

Experience the unique landscape in the open dome car of the Rhaetian Railway or with the convertible bus between Laax and Safiental.

Guided hiking tours

On various excursions and guided hikes, our nature experts take you into the land of the Swiss Grand Canyon and much more.

The villages of the Ruinaulta

Take an expedition through the Grison mountain villages as a way of variation to the natural spectacle of the Rhine Gorge.