The best view of the Rhine Gorge

Let your eye wander and marvel at the Rhine Gorge from an aerial perspective. The seven observation decks of the Ruinaulta can be reached via hiking trails or are even just a few steps away from the parking lot.



Einen Einblick über das Tun und Wirken von Terraviva vermitteln Ihnen die aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekte.


The platform “Alix” is only a few minutes from Valendas village. Hiking trail 656.5 takes you directly to the observation deck, from where you can enjoy the view of the Rhine Gorge.

Crap Signina

The “Crap Signina” platform sits enthroned on a rock above Sagogn. It can be reached in 30 minutes from the village of Laax or Sagogn on hike 656.6. The lookout into Val Mulin and as far as Ilanz is illustrated on panorama signs. The roofed platform invites you to dwell even in wet weather.


The “Islabord” viewing platform is just a short distance from Versam village. The balcony offers a superb view of the sheer rock walls and the UNESCO World Heritage. Islabord can be reached via hiking trail 656.9, with a direct connection to public transport.

Il Spir

The “Il Spir” observation deck is just a few minutes’ walk away from Conn and offers a matchless view down into the Rhine Gorge. The delta-shaped viewing platform can be reached from the village Flims Waldhaus via hiking trail 656.3.


“Spitg” is an observation deck for romantics and offers a unique 270° view of the Versam ravine, the Rhine gorge and the alpine world of Flims. The platform is conveniently accessible via hiking trail 656.1 from Versam village or Trin station.


Right at the outset of the Rhine Gorge, the observation deck sits on a natural elevation, which is reached through a helical path and provides an impressive view of the Rhine Gorge. About 45 minutes from Trin station, the platform is easily accessible via hiking trail 656.1.


The “Wackenau” platform is located at the end of the massive Rhine Gorge and is located conveniently close to Trin station. Accessible via hiking trail 656.4 or from Bonaduz via trail 656.7.