Bathing lakes

There are three bathing lakes in the immediate vicinity of the Rhine Gorge. Lake Cauma is nestled beady in the middle of the Flims forest and blows all the guests of the destination away with its turquoise waters. The crystal-clear Lake Cresta is just a short hike away. Lake Laax is located in the middle of the village and offers all the amenities of a classic public outdoor pool.

Lake Cauma

Lake Cauma impresses with its striking turquoise and cooling water. Dipping a foot into Lake Cauma is a must on every bucket list for summer.

Lake Cresta

Crystal-clear water nestled within the dark green woodlands – Lake Cresta. Cooling off in the lake is the perfect ending of every biking or hiking tour.

Lake Laax

In the middle of the Grisons village of Laax, you can enjoy unique beach vacations at Lake Laax. A large lawn for sunbathing, limpid lake water and an incredible mountain panorama – all-inclusive.



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