Hiking in imposing nature

Get to know the Rhine Gorge on foot. The well-developed hiking trails in and around the Rhine Gorge offer you eclectic landscapes, prime views, vast woodlands, and special natural experiences.



Einen Einblick über das Tun und Wirken von Terraviva vermitteln Ihnen die aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekte.

Hiking trails

Experience the Rhine Gorge on your own initiative or accompanied by a guide. A well-developed network of trails and different tours lead on to the highlights of the Ruinaulta.

Culinary Trail

A marvelous view in sight and culinary delights on your plate. This compound awaits you along the panoramic hiking trail or through the Flims forest.

Guided tours

On tour with our experts through the nature of Grisons. Learn more about the flora and fauna between the Segnesboden and the Rhine Gorge.


The region provides a vast number of fireplaces within the most beautiful landscapes, well equipped with stove wood and outdoor seating.