Kayak and Funyak

Dip the paddle, pull it through and repeat. This not only requires focus, but also some skill and good teamwork in the canoe. If you get the hang of it, you can scout the Rhine from Versam to Reichenau from the water in adept unison. The secrets of the flora and fauna can be observed from the boat in the placid waters. You might even spot a chamois or a little ringed plover.

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Station Ilanz
Bahnhofstrasse 25
7130 Ilanz
+41 81 288 43 16

Via Mulin 485
7130 Ilanz
+41 81 936 07 40

Swiss River Adventures GmbH
Via S. Clau Sura 11a
7130 Ilanz
+41 81 936 01 04

Kanuschule Versam
Versam Station
7104 Versam
+41 81 645 13 24

The Joy of Whitewater
Versam Station 7
7104 Versam
+41 (0)79 391 63 61



Einen Einblick über das Tun und Wirken von Terraviva vermitteln Ihnen die aktuellen und abgeschlossenen Projekte.